Schluff Jull´s "Lucky Thirteen"
anniversary concert in Viersen Dec. 19th 1998

by Oskar Widmaier

Lucky 13

It was noon on this rainy saturday when I left home to drive to Viersen. Björn E. Münz waited in Mundelsheim to be picked up and accompanying me on that trip. We drove through half of the republic to get to Viersen tickets and the description of the way in our pockets. Unfortunately ths description was not exact as we found out. We left the A 61 and turned left. We asked several people for the Marienheim and they all send us into different directions. Finally, we were close to the Marienheim but could not see it which made us a bit confused. When a young guy came by we asked again for the Marienheim and he immediately recognized us as Schluffheads and asked whether we want to go to the Schluff Jull concert. When we agreed he told us that the Marienheim where the concert would be held is in Viersen and that we are in Schüchtern a suburb of Viersen. There is also a different Marienheim in Schüchtern. Anyhow, after this experience we were very happy to be almost two hours in advance. Finally, we arrived in the centre of Viersen and parked the car on the proposed parking lot. Looking for the Marienheim again we recognized some Heads in a pizza express. We went in and found Anneliese and Arne, Ralph, Hajo and his son Jan. We had a quick dinner there and then walked to the Marienheim. Members of the band welcomed us and we found the hall almost half filled.

Lots of kids were standing in front of the stage. The atmosphere was very familiar. The wednesday before the concert I had bought a Mini Disc Walkman and wanted to tape the concert with my tiny in-ear-microphones. Setting up the equipment I waited in front of the stage for the beginning of the concert.


Olaf welcomed the crowd, some 500 folks, especially those who had come from very far. Then he announced Billy Goodman who played a fine acoustic set solo. After a short break the Julls took over. For some three hours they played a real awesome set. There was a lot of jamming in the air. I just want to mention the "Friend of the Devil" they played for Phil Lesh who was in hospital for getting a liver transplant at that time. In the middle of the concert Olaf announced an experiment. The Deadheads instantly recognized this tune as Dark Star and were cheering. After a couple of minutes they got into a long jamming of their own tune "The Night" and returning to Dark Star again. This was a surprise for us and we all enjoyed it.


At the end Billy joined the Schluff Julls for a fantastic jamming. An hour after the end of the show we met to drive to a farm where we had our overnight accomodation. We slept in the band´s rehearsal room. Before we went to bed we worked on the case of beer we had taken from the Marienheim and listened to tapes Ralph had brought.

The next morning we met with the band, Billy and his wife in a cafe for breakfast. Around noon we set up for the road again. Back home again I found out that my recordings had failed except Billy´s show. The new MD Walkman did not work properly with the mikes and the loud parts were very distorted. Despite this there will soon be an online tune of this fabulous concert.




No mistake - Strangers dream - Mr. P. man ( Band intro ) - Friend of the devil -Take my chance - The well - Right as rain> Ghostdance> Right as rain -Waiting - Dark Star ( Perc.)> The night> Dark star - Won´t be your fool - Castle on the hill - Sagittarius> Zodiac Space> Drums> Big City Boogie

Encores (with Billy Goodman): Circlin´ round a sun - BBJCD - Twins dream song