1997/98 New Year´s Eve Deadhead party in Hamburg
– by Hartmut Schroer

Thanks to Hajo´s web site. I had found out in November last year that there would be a New Year´s Eve party for Deadheads in Hamburg for the second time. I had not made any plans by then, so I decided to contact Arne Heinen to sign up for the party. None of my friends understand my fascination with the Dead, so I thought that I might get to know people who share the same addiction with me.

NYE97´1Six weeks later, on New Year´s Eve, I was walking to the “Mayday” pub, which had been renamed “Dark Star” for the party, and I had no idea what it would be like. Actually, I did not know anyone there, and hoped that it would not be a lonely night.

When I entered the pub, Arne welcomed me, offered me some dinner, and I had hardly taken off my coat, when I already saw myself involved in discussions about shows we had seen, favourite tapes, Dick´s Picks, Donna, Brent, Vince and what not. I was overwhelmed to get to know so many nice people with whom I could talk about the Dead for hours. What a relief after so many years of being alone and misunderstood with all my CDs and tapes! 🙂


At about 10:45 Tumbleweed came on stage and started their first set which ended a couple of minutes before midnight. I can only quote Hajo´s remark on his homepage: It was a killer show! The band consisted of two singers / acoustic guitar players, one electric guitar, bass and drums. They played excellent versions of the Dead songs and some terrific jams, and most of the time many of the crowd were dancing.



At midnight everyone had champagne and went out for the ineviTABLE fireworks. The second set played by Tumbleweed went until about 2 am, and I must say that here my story ends. The trouble was that there had been no non-alcoholic beer left already at 9, so I had to drink some real… 🙂

I was overwhelmed to get to know so many nice people, such Hajo, Arne, Linus, Ralph, Marc and Vera, Oskar and many others. And I am most grateful to Arne, who organized this event. I look forward to seeing you again at the Feier on the Mountain in the summer!

Tumbleweed Setlist of this wonderful event:
1st Set: Love The One You´re With – GDTRFB – Franklin´s Tower – Friend Of The Devil – On The Road Again – Light Sight – Deep Ellum Blues – Jack Straw – Bertha – Me & My Uncle – Midnight Hour
2nd Set: Light Up Or Leave Me Alone – Don´t Fight The Light – Feier On The Mountain > Eyes Of The World – Don´t Bogart That Joint – Eight Miles High > Bird Song
3rd Set: Brown Eyed Women – Brother John – Minglewood – Quinn The Eskimo – Uncle John´s Band – Deal – My Blues – Cassidy – The Two Sides – I Know You Rider – Truckin´> Not Fade Away – Brokedown Palace
Encore: After Midnight

Thanks to Arne &Co., Tumbleweed, Matthias Peters as “special guest” on drums and all the Deadheads at the “Dark Star”. I didn´t get drunken because I drank all the non-alcoholic beer which was available until 9.