Billy Goodman A great American musician living in Germany

Cosmic Charlies A very very good English Dead band

Schluff Jull A groovy ‘big band’ with nice horn section and more

OE Kapelle Another great Dead band from Germany

Waiting For Louise Bluegrass and Folk from Germany

Mars Mushrooms A great German Jamband!!!

AoxoToxoa Nice Dead band from Swiss

mr morning A great Jamband from Sweden

Diff Sorry I couldn’t find a link to this exellente Dead band from Denmark

Ensemble Orient Express Krautrock and Worldmusic, nice band from Germany

Cosmic Finger The Grateful Dead in Germany

Apache Blanket Songs by the heart & soul – space funk jams from Berlin

Fresh Kneedrops Funky Jamrock from Switzerland with original songs and covers

Seventh Heaven A very nice Grateful Dead Tribute Band from Denmark

(a lot more information about European bands can be found in our “Artists” sextion)