Deadfest in Potsdam, May 25, 1996

Pots was great. We were about 150 people mostly from Germany but a few from France, Switzerland, USA, England, Canada. The party started at 6pm and ended around 4am.

“AoxomoxoA” played for 2h and 45min,including a NFA jam that lasted for 30min.(with guest guitarist Kyle Swansen from Canada).

The concert opened with a “FEUERSPUCKER” — a juggler who works with burning sticks and also “spits fire”. Then suddenly an old man (70 jears old Heinz from Potsdam,the local…freak…whatever…) jumped up on stage and began to dance to the rhythm. It was BIG FUN man. The slide/slight show was also exellent( 9 projectors with the trippiest pictures throw images on all 4 walls and the ceiling). At the end of the concert he left a giant “you have passed the acid test” on the backdrop.

Matthias Scheffran (“Linus”)

RELIX (v 23#4, August 96) has a detailed three page account of this event.