Hallo! Ich heiße Josh und ich komme aus Chicago.

Flo ⌂, Lucerne, Switzerland, Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013, 11:47 (vor 3892 Tagen) @ ChicagoJoshj

Hi Josh

The Deadheads of the Karlsruhe Area are meeting on Oct. 26 in Basel, Switzerland (only a 2 hour drive).
There will be live music by the only Swiss band that plays only Grateful Dead-Tunes, AoxoToxoA. The venue is very special, it's a room full of mirrors. They are even on the ground, so felt slippers or thick woolen socks are recommended, short skirts are not. The room itself is a masterpiece full of psychedelic glory.
For more information, please contact me through www.aoxotoxoa.com

I would love to meet you there! (And everybody else...)


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