Hallo! Ich heiße Josh und ich komme aus Chicago.

ChicagoJoshj, Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2013, 12:12 (vor 3688 Tagen) @ Frank

Hello Frank,
Sorry we missed each other in Karlsruhe. I really appreciate you reaching out. My wife and I have been in constant motion for the last month or so. After Karlsruhe, we went to Köln, now Dusseldorf, on to Venice next week. Mid November I will be settling into Berlin permanently. IT would be wonderful if we could still catch up for a drink or whatever. IT has been such a treat to realize that there is such a community present in Germany, and yet so frustrating that I seem to miss everyone by a day or two!
But, All Good Things, In All Good Time!
Heres hoping we can still catch up with one another soon.

ps I know have a handy so if phone communication is better, let me know and ill get you the digits.

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