Hallo! Ich heiße Josh und ich komme aus Chicago.

ChicagoJoshj, Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2013, 12:04 (vor 3919 Tagen) @ Simon

Hey Simon,
Sorry for the delayed response.
I am no longer in Karlsruhe. My wifge and I have been traveling the last month or so. Berlin > Karlsruhe > Köln > Dusseldorf, where I am currently, and then onto Venice then back > Berlin for a permanant residency.
I would still ove to meet up, if you will be in the Berlin area after mid-Novemeber. Or, if you are by any chance in Dusseldorf, that would be great to. I now have a phone number to be reached at, so if theres a chance to meet up, let me know!
Until then,
Be Well Brother.

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